Brazil is not only Rainforest, soccer, beaches, Carnival and bitches, ok?


Brazil is the largest country in SOUTH AMERICA and the 5th largest of the world

Brazilian people speak PORTUGUESE (not Spanish), please!

Brazil's capital is Brasília (not Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina - another country!)

I'm from SÃO PAULO, the world's 7th largest metropolitan area (bigger than New York City), with near 11 million residents

Rainforest is almost 1.700 miles from my city

I've never met an indian in my life

I'm not a soccer fan neither Carnaval fan (but, yes, I know how to dance samba)

Brazilian girl doesn't mean hooker!

Please, be polite to us!

Don't be alarmed when Brazilians stand close to you in public or in conversation. Personal space is not very important for us.

Don't be alarmed when a Brazilian, especially men, pat you on the shoulder or touch your arm in conversation. It is normal behavior during conversations. Brazilians are tacticle. People from both sexes touch arms, shoulders and hands when we're talking to each other. Such physical contact is part of Brazilian body language and should most definetely not be considered as anything other than that.

Don't shy away from kisses. In greeting, Brazilian women commonly offer both cheeks to men and women alike, for a light kiss.

Brazilians often do things together. If we want to join a gym, for example, we will probably ask our friends if they would like to too. So do not be surprised if your Brazilian colleague comes to the supermarket with you but leaves without buying a thing. We are relationships focused.

Brazilians of either sex go out together as regular friends. So if your Brazilian colleague of the opposite sex asks you to go out and have some beers do not assume that is an invitation for dating.

Brazilians struggle to be on time. Being late is part of our culture and whoever deals with us should remember that.

Don't criticize our government, culture or society in front of us, or point out how backward Brazil is compared to other countries. We are very skeptical and critical of the merits of our government and society, but criticism from a foreigner is interpreted as an insult.

Don't use the American okay sign. It is an obscene gesture for us.

SOURCES: Culture Shock! Brazil: A Guide to Customs & Etiquette by Volker Poelzl, and Brazil - Culture Smart!: the essential guide to customs & culture by Sandra Branco.