February 23, 2010

That's what I'm going to study (overview)


Each student writes, shoots, directs, and edits 4 of his/her own films and crews on 12 others

Designed for people who wish to study the craft of filmmaking in an intense schedule, the Eight-Week Filmmaking workshop challenges students to produce four films over a period of two months. Students each direct four short films of increasing complexity which are screened and critiqued in class. Students spend a full month producing, directing and editing their final project.

The first month of the program is divided between hands-on in-struction in class and the production by each student of three short films of increasing difficulty. Students use Arriflex 16mm cameras, Lowel lighting packages, and digital editing systems on Apple Final Cut Pro stations. Special classes in digital camera and lighting are given before students shoot their final films.

Students form three or four person crews and gain invaluable experience rotating in the principal production positions:

  • Writer/ Director/ Editor/Producer
  • Director of Photography
  • Assistant Camera
  • Gaffer/Grip

The second month of the program is devoted solely to each student’s final project: a 16mm non-sync film of up to ten minutes. Students have a pre-production period to cast, scout locations, plan their final films and meet with instructors for one-on-one consultation. The rest of the month is devoted to production and post-production of their final films.

Films are shot on 16mm black and white reversal film stock and edited digitally. For their final films, students have the option of shooting in color. Six and eight week students may shoot their final films in digital video.


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Franco Macabro said...

I'll be taking the One Year Filmmaking...Im interested in directing films!

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