March 24, 2011

Hollywood by a Brazilian POV 1: Stay in Brazil | Hollywood 1: Fica por aí mesmo

In the sharp article (below) published by one of the top Brazilian newspapers called O Globo, the producer Eduardo Levy, correspondent in Los Angeles, debunks all the glamor around the American film industry.

He answers questions that Brazilians ask him about life in the Mecca of cinema. He advises those who are studying cinema in the U.S. and have no parent who is president of production of some studio to come back to Brazil after graduation. There, they will be appreciated and may spread their knowledge to others.

To the Brazilian writers who dream of trying to sell their work in Hollywood, Levy warns that competition is much tougher here than in Brazil and experience as a soap opera collaborator does not make any difference in the U.S.. Nobody cares. He pointed out that the studios do not accept unsolicited materials. So, according to him, Brazilian writers had better attend Starbuck stores in Brazil.

To Brazilian actors and actresses, he warns of the 40% charged by agents to represent foreign talents around here with few tangible results, leading only to high costs of travel.

To directors and producers, he advises to remain in Brazil and make use of government funds to finance a film industry that does not care about audience or box office.

Confira artigo publicado pelo correspondente do jornal O GLOBO (RJ) em Los Angeles, Eduardo Levy, no qual ele desmistifica todo o glamour em torno da indústria cinematográfica americana.

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