November 08, 2010

Photographers document the world in a striking exhibition at The Getty museum

The exhibition "Engaged Observers: Documentary Photography since the 60's" at The Getty Center (LA) is simply striking. Makes me wonder what am I doing here. Where's my backpack? I must see this world with my own eyes before I die -- and, of course, do something about it.

It's inexcusable not to visit the exhibition, if you are in LA, and take a peek especially at the Brazilian (yay!) Sebastião Salgado's "Migrations: Humanity in Transition" (2000):

Sebastião Salgado -- Orphanage at a hospital in Kibumba Number One camp (Zaire, 1994)

And at Philip Jones Griffiths' "Vietnam Inc." (1971), a critical account of America's armed intervention in Southeast Asia:

Philip Jones Griffiths -- Vietnam (1967)

 And, last but not least, at Mary Ellen Mark's "Life" (1983), about teenagers living on the streets in Seattle:

Mary Ellen Mark  -- "Rat" and Mike with a Gun, Seattle (1983)

MORE INFO: The Getty Center.

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