May 19, 2011

My thesis film on post-production | Meu novo curta em pós-produção

We finished the shootings of my thesis film this May 9th. Five intense days. I'll try to find time to tell you all about it here. Seriously, you're not gonna believe what can happen in a shooting. And if can happen, it will, according to Murphy's law.

Well, after the shootings, the Red Camera files were transcoded to Apple ProRes (so they can be edited): aproximately 850 GB of footage. The Nyfa computer ran for five days non-stop to finish the task.

Third step: synchronize image and sound, since we record everything separately for better quality. Honestly, I love editing but sync'ing is a pain in the ass. I just finished it minutes ago, after five days. LOL OMG, this number is chasing me!

Now I'm searching for some musics on the internet just to have something for the editing. Of course, I'm not gonna use them on my final cut, but I need something for the pacing and mood at this point. Then my composer is gonna create a soundtrack specially for the film.

That's a little trick I use: choose a music with the right pace/beat and edit your film based on that. Then replace with original soundtrack and still is gonna be perfectly sync'ed. If you use just your feeling when editing, maybe you'll give your composer a hard time, because music is almost Mathematics, with a precise time signature. The only trouble with this trick is to get so fond of the music you're using on your draft that you cannot see your film with another version anymore. LOL

So let me go, time is flying. I have to have a rough cut next Friday 27th). Wish me luck!

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