April 07, 2010

Almost free (is it good?)

Today I've sent the last report to my major client. The end. I have to elaborate another one until Friday and that's it. Absolutely free to dedicate myself to L.A. project.

But when I realize that I feel butterflies on my stomach. Why? Isn't what I always dreamed all my life?

Why do we have this mixed feelings, like fear and joy, when something potencially great is coming? Sometimes is hard to believe this is really happening to me.

I started to tell everyone that I'm going to travel. Maybe as a kind of way to convince myself. And to be sure there's no turning back.

I've always been an untamed person, but this is by far the craziest thing I've done ever (more here and here). Yeah, yeah... Is the "mother" inside of me talking. Shut up! There's no room for you here anymore!


Solange Hamrin said...

Totally understandable why you like you have butterflies in your stomach. It is not easy exchange security for uncertainty. But you will be fine. I am sure.

Take care/solange

Franco Macabro said...

Wow, Gabby I'm going through this right now! At times I ask myself if it's a crazy thing to do, but then I feel certainty that I am doing what I should be doing! The fear factor comes from getting out of your safe spot, your comfort zone.

It is an important step in anybodies life to finally do this, it shows maturity of spirit and self confidence.

I've started telling everyone in my job too, as a way of MAKING IT HAPPEN. If you keep saying something, eventually you do it. This is what I've done, and it worked perfectly for me! Im finally going! :)

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