April 26, 2010

Homestay - epilogue | A piada do ano: descobri de onde surgiu Roberta!

Remember I told you there's been a misunderstanding about my aplication to a homestay service? They took me for a certain Roberta and placed me with a Phillipine family in a Latin neighborhood. All I didn't order for. At that time, I complained about the service and compared it to the Brazilian one.

Nothing like a day after another. Today I went to Universal Student Housing office to pay my invoice and... discovered it's owned by a Brazilian!!! hahaha

He explained (and apologized): a Brazilian girl named Roberta told them that her friend was going to apply for a homestay the very next day but didn't told them the girl's name. Coincidentally, I applied. So they assumed I was Roberta's friend and would stay with her. A very Brazilian situation. hahaha

Fortunally, everything was solved. But it's a huge irony, isn't it? The joke of the year. By the way, they're very friendly and concerned about my confort. I recommend them! If you're comming to LA and want a nice place to stay try USH. They also have apartments near UCLA.

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