April 27, 2010

Psychic powers, please! | Meio-fio vermelho = multa, sabia?

Just a simple warning on the curb, 
like this one, could've prevented me 
from getting a ticket
Today the City of Los Angeles gave me its first gift: a ticket for parking violation. Of course it doesn't seem fair to me because I know very well how to drive, but I would never had imagined that a red curb indicates that I can't park in that spot. In fact, according to my hostess, any kind of colored curb means that is forbidden to park.

How could I know? Only if I was a psychic! It's not an international signing system. Huh... Whatever... I can't say this to them to get rid of the ticket, can I? So I have to shut my mouth and pay US$ 80. Anyway, it's cheaper than any ticket in Brazil, I guess. Welcome to America, I hear. It's touristic city for God's sake!

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Danty said...

He he he
Espero que seja o primeiro e último.
Boa sorte com as cores!

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