January 11, 2011

Are speeches boring? | Discursos são chatos?

What kind of framing is that? | Que enquadramento é esse?

Should I confess that I slept on "The King's Speech"? Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are great though. It's just that the film is a little bit slow and my bed seemed too comfy. LOL

Interesting choices of the director and the cinematographer: some awkward framings, I'd say. I didn't understand the motivation for those.

PS: It's the second nominated film of the year that I sleep watching. The first was "Inception". What does it mean? What's wrong with me? LOL

Devo confessar que cochilei no "The King's Speech". Mesmo assim, acho que Colin Firth e Geoffrey Rush estão bem nos papéis. O negócio é que o filme é um pouco lento e minha cama tava muito gostosinha. rsrsrs Escolhas interessantes do diretor e do cinematógrafo: alguns enquadramentos estranhos, eu diria.

PS: É o segundo filme indicado do ano que eu durmo assistindo. O primeiro foi "Inception". O que isso quer dizer? O que há de errado comigo? rsrsrs


Anonymous said...

Gabriella what in your opinion has been most surprising about experience at Nyfa...?
Thank you

Unknown said...

Hard question to answer, Diogo. Lots of things were surprising: the fact I thought I knew some things about filmmaking and I didn't; and how you can learn fast and almost without noticing doing the assignments, these are the ones I can remind right now.

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