April 09, 2011

Hollywood by a Brazilian POV 2: Inside the bubble | Hollywood 2: Dentro da bolha

In the second sharp article (below) published by one of the top Brazilian newspapers called O Globo, the producer Eduardo Levy, correspondent in Los Angeles, responds to criticism from Brazilian readers to his first article on the mecca of cinema.

According to him, the talent agents felt offended. Levy then says that the phenomenon of talent agents and their high fees is not unique to Brazil. In the U.S., for every successful actor there is an army of agents, managers, public relations, lawyers, stylists and bodyguards sucking the actor's blood, involving them in a bubble, protecting them from reality.

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Confira o segundo artigo publicado pelo correspondente do jornal O GLOBO (RJ) em Los Angeles, Eduardo Levy, no qual ele segue desmistificando todo o glamour em torno da indústria cinematográfica americana.

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